Below is a list of some of my favorite writing resources. See a good one that I missed? Drop me a line and I’ll check it out!

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On Writing: by Stephen King – Part memoir, part writing guide, this book is full of blunt, practical information about writing and Stephen King’s experience – how he got his start publishing in pulp magazines, to his first novel, being hit by a car and nearly killed while walking on a windy road in Maine, and how writing ultimately aided his recovery.


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – A play on Sun Tzu’s famous book, The Art of War (also a fantastic read!) this book gives you a healthy dose of tough love as it helps you identify and overcome obstacles to writing.



Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg – This is the book that essentially started it all for me. The chapters are short, fast reads and include loads of advice on all aspects of writing. This is one of the few physical books I own these days, and I go back to it constantly when I need a jolt of inspiration.


Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – One word at a time…this book has a similar feel to “Writing Down the Bones” in that the chapters are short, easy reads, and extremely inspiring. When I’m feeling stuck, I’ll read a random chapter from this book then do some freewriting until the words start flowing again.


Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury – This is a book that had been on my to-read list for years, and when I finally read it, I kicked myself for waiting so long. It includes 9 essays on various aspects of writing, and it an easy, fast read, and a book I reread every couple of years.


Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran – This book is divided into 3 parts – WHY you should self-publish, HOW to do it, and finally, inspiring essays from 33 authors about their own self-publishing experience.



Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran – This book is a few years old, so some of the information may be out of date (the word of self-publishing is constantly evolving,) but the basics detailed here still ring true. This is a fantastic starter guide to marketing your book.



The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall – OK, this one isn’t about writing, but it’s my favorite example of GREAT writing and FANTASTIC storytelling, and a very unique story. I recommend this book to everyone!




David Gaughran – Not only is David a successful self-published author, he’s written a couple of books about the business (see above) and does a TON of research on the industry and Amazon ever-changing algorithms (to help you get the most visibility for your books.) Some of his posts can get quite lengthy, but trust me – it’s worth the time to read them!
Ink and Quills – This is a newcomer to my “favorite blogs” list and has a TON of helpful writing tips. From writing to publishing and royalties, she covers it all!
The Book Designer – This site has a lot of information about the business side of writing. Be it design, marketing, launching a new book, or blogging for authors, you’ll find a lot of great info here!


The Self Publishing Podcast – Johnny, Sean, and Dave collectively write over 2 million words per year under their own publishing house, Sterling & Stone. Listen to them talk about the self-publishing industry and writing process. Be prepared to laugh yourself sick – they are funny, irreverent, and have a propensity for four-letter words…right up my alley!
The Creative Penn – Perhaps the biggest selling point for this podcast is Joanna Penn’s British accent. Okay, it’s actually her wealth of knowledge about writing and self-publishing. I love her podcast as much as The Self Publishing Podcast, though she stays on track and is a wee bit more professional than the boys with SPP.
Writing Excuses – This podcast is hosted by several successful, full time authors and is fantastic when you only have a short amount of time. Each episode is around 20 minutes and jam packed with useful information. They also give you a writing prompt at the end of each episode based on what they discussed to help you put what you’ve learned to use.


Scrivener – Hands down my favorite writing software. $45 for Mac, $40 for Windows. I would easily pay over $200 for this program, it is so ridiculously jam packed full of features. The best part? It has a free 30 day trial, and there are often sales so you can get it half price.

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One Last Recommendation

Faderhead’s weekly newsletter – Bear with me. Faderhead is a dark-electro musician I absolutely love, and he sends weekly emails in which he talks about a lot of things, often including his process for creating music and tips on staying motivated and writing when you don’t feel like it. Now, what does music have to do with writing a book? While writing music is WILDLY different from writing a book, his creative process can easily be tweaked to apply to any sort of art creation, including writing. I’ve gleaned a lot of great tips from his newsletters, and highly recommend them.


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